Covid-19 Update

Greenhill Angling Club

We have worked hard to try our best to get us back onto the bank. Please respect the wishes of the club and their landowners.

RULES for the re-opening of club waters during the 
restricted period due to Covid -19

Fortway Farm will open as of 6am Wednesday 13th May

Thurlaston Lake and Moat will open as of 7am Saturday 16th May

Ashpole Spinney will remain closed but will potentially reopen in alignment with the government’s phase 2 (1st June) this includes the conditions they have also put in place.

RULES for the re-opening of club waters during the 
restricted period due to Covid -19

1. Members MUST be in possession of the current Valid Membership Book and a current Environment Agency Rod Licence.
2. Please be aware of all Clubs Rules.
3. Members should read all appropriate guidelines issued by Angling Trust and all information on the LEVAS website and Facebook site.
4. Members who may have Covid-19 symptoms are asked to stay away until they are tested clear.
5. Members are reminded that they should travel alone unless with someone from the same household.
6. ALL members MUST either wear protective gloves or have a bottle of sanitiser with them. 
7. Members are instructed to park their vehicles sensibly with regards to others. Remember to maintain social distancing in the car park.
8. Members are instructed to go straight to their peg quickly and as safely as possible. Please no stopping to chat to fellow anglers.
9. To ensure that we comply with the social distancing rules members will only be allowed to fish pegs with odd numbers on the lake and even on the moat e.g.

1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19 on the lake

2,4,6,8,10,12 on the moat.

ALL other pegs MUST remain unused if further action is required to ensure they are not used then this will be made in due course.

1st come 1st served basis for this weekend Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th there will be a bailiff to gauge level of attendance. To see if we must put a booking form in place. 

If all pegs are taken please go home and perhaps try later.

10 One member per peg ONLY.
11 Only Members, who are fishing, or Bailiffs can be at the venue.

12.You MUST NOT wander around the Pond.

13. Club bailiffs will be present. Any member contravening these rules may be asked to leave the fishery

14. No Keepnets to be used on any club waters.

15. The Toilet in the car park is closed to Anglers and is for the Ladies in the stables only please respect this and take a leek in a nearby bush.  

Please be aware that if rules are broken this could possibly lead to us losing our waters.