Lake Record Tench

Leigh Laffar GAC specimen hunter

We have had many of conversations about what size the fish go up to in Ashpole and we have always said there was a 6lb tench going to be caught soon. The biggest so far was caught that we had saw was by Phil Ackerley @ 4lb 5oz so the potential was there. On Thursday last week I recieved a picture message expecting to see a large Carp and I about dropped my phone when I saw the picture. Not had he just caught the first 6lb Tench he has smashed it with this beauty weighing in @ 7lb 4oz and a new lake record. He caught it by stalking.

A few tips from the man himself

All my best fish from Ashpole have been in the shallower pegs and where the wind blows in . Bright colours like sweetcorn and fishing on the clear spots over a light bed of free offerings. Best areas for carp have been pegs 1,2 and 20 and 21 pegs .

The Big Tench was caught on a size 16 hook with 2 grains of corn over light Hemp after stalking it on a margin clear spot .Most Important thing at Ashpoles locating the fish and watching there movements and there areas that they feed .

The shallower areas with weed growth a d gravel clear spots pegs 1 and 2 seem the pegs the carp will feed , while Tench are around peg 28 and peg 16 down the margins following wind direction on Ashpole is the best tip.