Feeding Fish

GREENHILL.A.C THE CLUB ARE TAKING ACTION TO FEED THE FISH IN THIS LOCKDOWN PERIODHello MembershipPLEASE NOTE THAT NOBODY OTHER THAN APPOINTED FISHERY OFFICERS ARE ALLOWED AT ANY OF THESE VENUES AS WE MUST MAINTAIN A TRUST WITH THE OWNERS AT THIS CRITICAL TIME .In these extraordinary circumstances the committee have had to communicate in isolation and discuss the welfare of the fish in all our waters . We have decided that since the waters are not being fished then no food of substantial qu…antities is being eaten . In a prelude to fish-food purchase two of the appointed fishery officers ; John Kilby and Phil Ackerley prepared many buckets of feed for Ashpole and Thurlaston Lake and Moat on Sunday 19thApril .We have gained permission by all of our landlords/owners to visit and feed the waters on a regular basis as all of us need to protect our/their investments .So ,on Sunday John and I visited Ashpole first and with 4 buckets of feed we decided to feed every peg . The water had a wonderful green tinge on it and the pool was still very full of water . There was no fish spotted as it was a keen East wind I think was stopping them cruising. Currently there are three trees down on the far bank between pegs 19 to 24 , these will be taken away by our Fishery’s maintenance manager Richard Davenport when he can get his machinery down there. The owners spoke to us from distance and appeared very happy we were feeding the fish.Next , John and I visited Thurlaston and we had 6 more buckets of food for both waters . We fed all the Moat pegs first then approached the Lake where we noticed the inlet pipe was pushing out that much water you could stick float to the centre of the pool such was the volume of water being pushed through . It was noticeable that both waters were full to the brim with a few pegs still under partial water . Both waters looked fantastic and the oxygen levels in both must be very good. When we approached the Lake we found masses of carp riding the water speeding out from the pipe which is connected to the Moat , they were literally on top of each other . When we placed dog biscuit and bread on the surface it was a scrap to attack it even the ducks stayed away .Having consulted very good friends at a local fishery they emphasized that the fish do need feeding as the weather is warming quickly and their need for protein and oils is essential for their health and breeding period . It was discussed by how much and this fishery are currently feeding a pint of pellets every other peg every other day . The idea is to feed all oddpeg numbers then feed evenpeg numbers to gain a balanced spread of the feed to encourage the fish to feed and grub the bottom thus to reduce chances of bottom weed growing too much . In the case of Ashpole this is important that we encourage the fish to feed more to help the weed situation .The club are negotiating to have special fishery pellets delivered very soon and to store them we have purchased many special storage tubs which we intend to store mostly at Ashpole and certainly we will replicate that at Thurlaston . This way our appointed officers /fishery management officers can easily feed the fish .In future posts we can keep you all up to date with the progress on the feeding and give feedback to the condition of the waters etc ……We like yourselves want this pandemic over and maybe someday soon ? Hopefully we can all be fishing again however we follow the Government guide lines until the date comes when we can all wet a lineAGAIN WE MUST EMPHASIZE THAT ONLY FISHERY OFFICERS ARE ALLOWED TO GO TO THE WATERS , THIS IS AN INSISTANCE OF OUR OWNERS . THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING